Follow These Ayurvedic Tips to Avoid Falling Sick During this Monsoons

Follow These Ayurvedic Tips to Avoid Falling Sick During this Monsoons
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Follow these ayurvedic tips to avoid falling sick during this monsoons

After months of glowing heat, rain helps everyone with a new dose of energy and strength to recover. But with long periods of showers and mons neonates also bring considerable disease episodes and several colds and seasonal allergies.

Whether diarrhea, cholera, typhoid, dengue, malaria or chikungunya, the number of people prone to these diseases increases during the rainy season. Ayurvedic has some tips that can help you protect your family and get up against some of them.

According to the science of Ayurvedic, Dosha, which collects during the rainy season or Varsha is Pitta. This is due to the acidic conditions in the atmospheres susceptibility to diseases increased and reduces the digestive processes in the body. This leads to a loss of appetite due to slow digestion.

What you have to do

There are a number of nutritional habits and tips that should be considered to ensure consistency of the immune system and to strengthen the immune system against the growth of bacteria in the body. The loss of hair, skin infections and digestive disorders is due to the accumulation of Pitta.

According to Dr. Dhanvantri, Ayurvedic experts requires ensuring monsoon all that certain precautions are taken in keeping better health. It offers the following tips to follow this season.

1. Eat well-cooked food: avoid raw and uncooked food. Food should be cooked and eaten hygienically. Food from street vendors should be avoided. During the rainy season, the bacteria adhere to the food which makes them unsuitable for consumption.

2. Avoid spicy foods: greasy and spicy foods with too many peppers not suitable for everyone. It could hinder efficient digestion. Free cooking oil is a must. The wheat and barley, moong dal soup with freshly boiled water and helps to increase immunity. They also allow toxins from the body to flush, maintain health and reduce the vulnerability. All of these are loaded with minerals and vitamins and fills the body with nutrients that you need for proper operation.

3. Try Panchakarma: In Ayurvedic Panchakarma, as the name implies, a healing process is fivefold which involves removing toxins from the body that were left by the disease. It is a complete healing of body and mind to restore the balance of the body. Includes the use of herbal methods, remedies, massage oil base, the body organs are younger. It is a therapy, depending on the season and especially during the monsoon to recommend.

Ayurvedic suggests that you should not do during the monsoon season

1. Avoid consuming green leafy vegetables or boiled vegetables, which are now obsolete.

2. No milk during the day and the night of the card. What you eat is just as important as when you eat. Ayurvedic suggests that you do not have fruits with milk. Milkshakes and fruit beverages, the digestion, in addition, to slow down, according to the science of Ayurvedic.

3. If you are thirsty to quench your thirst with the water at normal temperature and not very cold water.

4. Do not sleep during the day, it makes you lethargic.

5. spending too much time in the sun and avoid the air conditioning immediately after the workout as they tend to perspire and can lead to the body and the outside environment to the temperature difference.

6. As alternatives, the oils light can be used in nature such as olive oil for cooking.

7. Avoid acidic foods like chutneys and pickles and increase eating of fruits and vegetables. The inclusion of many Tulsi or green tea in your diet. These teas have healing properties.

Above all, know your stomach. Varies person to person and it is important to be aware of what could be used. Be aware of what works for your body to remain strong and healthy in this unsafe rain. Finally, make sure you stay away from the spread of mosquito disease. For a natural output – try smushed sheets nim chips as a repellent against mosquitoes to keep the disease at bay.

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