How to Make Natural Face Packs for Your Skin – Easy to Make at Home

How to Make Natural Face Packs for Your Skin - Easy to Make at Home
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How to Make Natural Face Packs for Your Skin – Easy to Make at Home

If you do not look at the skin in the summer, you have to face some problems. Face to face various skin problems, which help keep skin’s natural beauty, due to the sand and the outside travel, often our skin causes acne and various problems.

To overcome these skin problems, special care is needed. In this case, on or an expert has mentioned some Facepacks, which we can make in the house beyond our face. Mix the juice of watermelon juice and lemon juice together and apply light massage.

Then it will be washed with warm water. It works very well for the skin as a cleaner. Mix melons and sour yogurt together making a paste apply it on the skin. If dry, then it will be washed with cold water. This will increase the skin’s brightness due to its use. Sprinkle juice of mustard seeds, watermelon, soybean powder, sandalwood or flour and mix with melons making paste after drying10-15 minutes it will be washed with cold water.

It will increase the skin’s brightness and keep the skin moist. For dry skin, watermelon, ripe banana, soybean powder, flour and rice powder mixed together, make a paste by using on face and after 10-15 minutes to wash it. It helps to increase brightness on dry skin.

Those who have acne problems, they will have to put a paste in the mouth after mixing bunch Peas, Matar dal bat, egg yolk, a few drops of lemon juice and honey together. If dry, the yolk should be washed with hot water. It can be used three days a week. Using this pack will remove acne and the skin will be good. With lemon juice and soybean powder, it will make a paste. To be washed after 10 minutes.

It should be used three days a week. This will naturally work in a blink of the skin. Mixing honey with any mask, it works well for toning. Playing honey and lemon juice mixed with kissing hot water in the empty stomach can be beneficial. It helps to purify the blood Which is very beneficial for our skin.

Stir well, raw milk and yogurt mixing well after 10 minutes washing it on the skin. This will remove the scars on the skin and the brightness will increase. The benefits of carrots are very much in the skin. If you can eat carrots for six months continuously, the skin will be tilted. Prepare the paste by mixing the amaranth oil and honey together by cutting the carrots after 20 minutes washing it.

It will remove acne from the skin and help to increase the brightness. Cucumber works best for moisturizer and toning. Mix honey with a sauce and make a paste and put it in the mouth after washing it for a while. The skin will be very soft. The wheat shell or oat fiber plays a vital role. Oath packs work well for those who are over 40 years old. In this case, make yogurt with oatmeal, bland one of the fruit and put it in the mouth and massage.

It will increase the brightness of the face and look good. The lettuce leaves the unwanted hair from the mouth, removes the stains and removes the acne, bringing new brightness to the skin. So paste the lettuce leaves and give them a great benefit.

Watermelon plays a vital role in increasing the skin’s brightness and removing the black spots under the eyes. Those who have oily skin will always keep them clean. In this case, mixing the same pink with the water, the only solution will be removed from the mouth.

The oily face works as a pack of Malta or orange juice. Banana can never use on oily skin. If allergic or itching occurs after any pack is applied to the face, then it must be washed off immediately and it should not be used later. To keep both body and skin good, drink plenty of water.

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